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Science Laboratories

School possesses well equipped laboratories. The three main science labs ( for Physics , Chemistry, Biology ) are fully furnished with sophisticated equipment , Students spend their time fruitfully to develop laboratory as well as scientific and observation skills. The school science curricula have changed due to the implementation of new educational reforms. The safety guide has been updated and revised to reflect those changes.

The IT lab is a great place for students to go between classes for group meetings and for quiet study sessions. The IT lab offers a number of technological resources. It is the hub of the students.

School Library

There is a Library with latest books, magazines, newspapers, periodicals , audio video cassettes and is a store house of knowledge. It facilitates extra learning both for the teacher and the learner. Computers with internet facility for students and teachers are available to browse information under supervision. Every student and teacher is provided with newspaper and magazine to abreast themselves with latest happening and be in touch and informed about the outside world.

Maths Lab

The school maths lab is a space designed for students to learn mathematics by performing activities and hands on. On experience students can learn and explore mathematical concepts and verify mathematical facts and theorems through a variety of activities using different materials.

Computer Lab

Science Parks

The school has developed a science park wherein the students can learn simple concepts of science having fun with the rides.

Herbal garden

The school also has herbal garden with many herbs and plants of medicinal value. All plants are being taken care by the herbal committee consisting of teachers and students.

Medical Centre

The school provides a fully equipped medical service for all students and faculty during school hours. A well qualified and trained medical personnel is staffed in the campus during school hours.

AV Room

The school has well equipped AV room for the use of students and staff to enhance –“Teaching Learning Process.” Arrangements have been made in this room for participating in the educational programme for teachers and students.


Students the world over , would rather watch movies/videos than study their text books , a fact well known to both parents and teachers. Based on this fact. Designmate, a Ahmedabad based Animation firm has designed a software package wherein entire text book of NCERT (CBSE) of class I to XII have been converted into colorful 3D animated movies with interactive games and puzzles . This software has been named Eureka 5.6 . It being visually beautiful and interesting. would enhance the student’s learning and retention capabilities.

Music Room

Students are a storehouse of immense potential . In order to provide an opportunity to explore s their musical side a music room with a variety to musical instruments like Cango, drums , flute , Harmonium by a music teacher.

Sports Facilities

Games and Sports are organized to develop leadership qualities at the tender age. The school strives to offer opportunities for the optimum development of a child. We encourage our students to participate in various competitions. Facilities for Badminton , Basket ball , Volley ball , Cricket etc are available in the school.


The School is mainly meant for Army Personnel’s wards. So it provides Army buses for children with such background.

SBI Extension Counter: Bankers to Sch.

The fees of the student is deposited at SBI. The salary to the staff is paid through SBI