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Up Comming Events

Upcoming Events for Primary Wing

Date Day Activities
- - Three Touches Race for Class I and II
- - Design with Leaf/Vegetables for Class I,II,III,IV,V
Olympiad Exam
Date Day Activities
8th Oct'15 Thursday NCO
5th Nov'15 Thursday NSO
26th NOv'15 Thursday IMO
28th Jan'16 Thursday IEO

Upcoming Events for Senior Wing

Date Day Activities
- - English Extempore Class 6 to 8
7 august 2015 Friday Rakhi making class VI-VIII
15 August 2015 Saturday Independence Day celebration
21 August 2015 Friday Handball(VI-VIII) and 400 mts.Race (IX-XIII)
28 August 2015 Friday Regional dance (VI-VIII) and Patriotic Dance(IX-XIII)